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Polyarc Games launches Moss with Morla as Narrator

Moss, the endearing and exciting debut title from indie developer Polyarc launched today featuring Morla at Narrator and then some. The game is told as though being read from a book - so just as a reader would voice the characters as they arrive in the story, so too does Morla voice the characters in the game.

Stephen Hodde, audio director for Moss, worked closely with Morla long before they recorded to establish a process that would support the unique game and VO requirements.

"We knew from the start we had a great opportunity to approach this in a way that has rarely if ever been done before. It's long been a dream of mine to get in as early as possible in the development cycle - and Polyarc was eager to be open to whatever dream scenario I presented," says Morla.

From establishing how to make a collaborative approach effective and meaning to scheduling long distance table reads to real-time vocal character discovery to choosing a linear read of the script - the process was an inclusive group achievement.

"I wanted the telling of this story to come from a place of authenticity, so I would read the script to my son before bed. We would talk about it. He would makes guesses as to what would happen next. It became a real part of our lives."

Hear the opening narration of Moss here:


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