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VO Pipeline Role Play at GameSoundCon

Morla teams up with fellow Game Audio Network Guild Voice Actor Coalition co-chairs and memebers William "Chip" Beaman (Formosa Interactive), Michael Csurics (Brightskull Entertainment Group), Kevin McMullan (InLine Audio) and Jacquie Shriver (Sony Santa Monica), to present VO Pipeline Role Play at GameSoundCon in LA.

"We will present scenarios within the VO pipeline running the gamut from "everything going exactly as planned" to "everything that could go wrong does go wrong”.

OK, so you know your pipeline. You’ve lived it year after year and shipped title after shipped title. But do you know the whole pipeline? Do you respect it? Knowing the pipeline, and respecting the partners within that pipeline are not synonymous. It is a fundamental job requirement to be efficient and decisive when managing and leading your team.

We will explore key points from the VO Pipeline through a “role-play scenario” allowing the audience to gain keen insights and have a lock-step understanding of the different choke points of VO Production - points that might not otherwise register on their radar." says GVAC representatives.

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