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DreamWorks Animation's She-Ra & the Princesses of Power Launches on Netflix with Morla as Light Hope

She-Ra and the Princesses the reboot of the '80 hit series launched today with Morla as the voice of Light Hope.

"I was a huge fan of She-Ra as a little girl. I raced home to catch every episode, collected the action figures and would pretend to be her with all the kids in the neighborhood. When I got the audition for Light Hope - long before I was cast - I got very emotional. Light Hope was one my favorite characters so I was over the moon not only at the chance to perform that role but also that the character was being reimagined as a female." said Morla.

With Noelle Stevenson as show runner, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as voice director, Aimee Carrero as She-Ra and a whole host of stellar creative talent - working on this project was a career highlight for Morla.

Catch all 13 episode streaming now on Netflix.

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