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Eris and Eris team up with AIM Assist Gaming for Charity Stream

Episode 59 of the Aim Cast, brings together TwoLoud, Hambone, Nolxero, Scoop, along with two very special guests, the voice behind Eris Morn, Morla Gorrondona and Lita Cosplay. Morla and Lita visit Aim Assist to help raise money for the annual breast cancer awareness twitch stream. The cast has a chance to speak to Morla all about her career in voice acting and Lita all about her experience with cosplaying Eris. Its another great show full of drinks and laughter brought to you by the Guardian Radio Network. For more about this podcast and others visit and

Follow this link to listen to the podcast.

Lita Cosplay - @Pao_Dee

Aim Assist - @AimAssistGaming

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