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Eris Returns in The Taken King

Morla is back as Eris Morn in Bungie’s epic shooter, Destiny. The return of Eris was revealed through the release of the new prologue of The Taken King at Games Con in Germany.

“I couldn’t be more proud and excited. The Taken King story line is deeper - the script is richer and the characters are even more complex." says Morla

Reviews have been exceedingly positive:

“While it’s no surprise that Bungie saw fit to give Nathan Fillion’s hunter mentor Cayde-6 a bigger part to play in The Taken King, actress Morla Gorrondona is a pleasant surprise as the voice of Eris Morn, the tormented former Guardian whose cryptic, doom-and-gloom dialogue is the counterpoint to Cayde’s charismatic humor. Their banter is one of the best parts of the primary story missions in The Taken King, and it brings the epic scale of the events down to a more manageable level.” - Rick Marshall for

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