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IGN House Party & Fireteam Chat - Morla revealed as Surprise Guest

San Francisco - IGN’s House Party Sponsored by Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s was celebration that featured a live recording of Fireteam Chat, hosted by Destin, Fran, Sean and Jose with special surprise guest - Morla Gorrondona.

The hosts interviewed Morla about her role as Eris Morn and Erin 'Battery' Baker, the character development process, what's it like working with the team at Bungie and how in the world she made those crazy Hive sounds. A lucky audience member was selected to don the role of Ikora Rey in a table read of the boardroom scene from The Taken King with Morla as Eris, Destin as Cayde and Fran as Zavala.

"I've been a big fan of IGN for years and have great respect for Fran and the team. Was really excited to come to SF and be a part of the fun." said Morla

Follow this link to see the broadcast of Fireteam Chat at IGN House Party 2015.

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