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Morla to speak at GDC

When Morla was asked to present a VO session at GDC as part of Audio Bootcamp she was honored. "I earned my VO stripes in game audio, landed my first gig at my first GDC and have always had enormous respect for the Audio Bootcamp organizers and speakers. Being asked to contribute was a great compliment." says Morla.

Constructing a Creative Climate for VO is primer on VO for games as told from the actor's perspective - complete with suggestions for new ways to approach the pipeline, how to optimize the audition process and achieve inspired performances.

"And the ever-popular 'Lunchtime Surgeries' offer a unique opportunity to sit and meet with many of the speakers in a smaller-scale setting to talk about the specific interactive audio topics that are at the front of attendees' minds." says Bootcamp organizers, Scott Selfon and Damian Kastbauer.

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