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Morla Returns to Call of Duty in Modern Warfare: Remastered

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare: Remastered

"It's always an honor to have a franchise bring you back in for multiple titles." Morla said, speaking on her return to Call of Duty in the highly anticipated Modern Warfare: Remastered.

This time around Morla got a chance to showcase her dialect chops with a Russian and a Texan accent. "It's one of my favorite things about working in games - the ability to voice multiple characters in a session. Sometimes, like in Modern Warfare, I get voice characters for opposing sides." said Morla.

With Kevin McMullan as VO Director, this title also served as a reunion or sorts. "It has been years since Kevin and I worked together, " said Morla. "It was so nice being back in the studio under his direction."

This was also the first time Morla got to share a title with fellow Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) member, Mark Kilborn, Principal Audio Designer at Raven Software.

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