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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

Morla is thrilled to announce her participation in Guerrilla Games' latest title, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon served as a new and unique experience for Morla not only because it was her first time under the direction of JB Blanc, or for the proprietary recording process developed by Mark Estdale - but also for the way in which she was cast.

"I was speaking on a VO for VR panel at GameSoundCon and had to rush out at the end to make it to an animation session in Burbank. As I was waving goodbye from the stage and heading for the ballroom door, Mark Estdale stopped me and asked if I had four hours to spare sometime that week. Later that day I got an email from my agent for a session the next day for Horizon." explains Morla.

More about Guerrilla Games and HZD here.

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